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VisionColor™ is a family brand owned by Patchflyer© – a leading developer of color tools that open up new creative horizons for filmmakers, editors, photographers and colorists. Our company’s mission is to develop innovative solutions that integrate seemlessly into a large number of established grading and editing applications with an emphasis on the vast pallete of contemporary motion picture films.

Founded in 2012, VisionColor™ opened up the fascinating world of complex, real-time color processing on off-the-shelf DSLRs. Since then, the company’s relentlessly innovative approach to color science has inspired the look of contemporary independent cinema, and has revolutionized the way in which people approach color grading.

We see ourselves as a part of an emerging and vibrant international indy-filmmaking scene, and are in constant communication with cinematographers, colorists and other developers whose feedback is integrated into the conception and continuous improvement of our products. After two years of continuous expansion of the VisionColor™ brand, we now work closely with international distribution partners to ensure our future growth and success.